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Guillotine type system

Guillotine type system

Terraces and balconies


It can be used as:

railing, and provide the ability to completely stop any air in your environment, allowing complete closure system.

The system is very simple to use and handle. It is a system both internally and externally, windows can be cleaned easily.

Aluminum profiles can be painted in a different color depending on your application.

All mechanical components (handles, hinges, etc.) are stainless steel.

The lower part of the system remain fixed for better safety of your role with railing.

For system uses tempered glass and / or laminated

The system can be assembled as a double or triple opening, depending on your requirements and size.

For stable parts of the system, railing height is always 90 cm to better your safety.

If the system requires greater height of 2.50 meters, the system will be divided in 3 parts, plus 10 cm will be added to the fixed part of the system (railing). On your requirements, fix the system (railing) may be greater.

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