Polypropylene retractable roof

Retractable Poliplan Roof


  • System’s sliding roof cover material is PVC based, with 780 gr/m2 basis weight, blackout featured consisting of theree layers.
  • Each module is moved by a Wheel.
  • Electrostatics (powder paint application) in any color desired is possible; furthermore, laminated folio coating in wood pattern is also applied.
  • System works with 15% tilt.
  • Widest top bearn interspace can be used at maximum as 450 cm
  • Canvas carrier profiles are placed in every 50 cm.
  • Front beam and all postsa re 10×10 4 mm boxes. Aluminium profile is coated with electrostatic painted and coated column.
  • Front channel is outside rather than inside. So, it would not allow outpours.
  • System can be manufactured and no length limitations are available.
  • A motor is used for 130 m2. Number of motors and modules can be increased upon demand.
  • Canvas works over beams rather than under, and in case of outpours, performs water drainage with the channels underneath, so this system would not let water in.
  • One of the most significant features of this system is that, once installed, it would not require extra profile sif sides are desired to be covered.
  • PVC is waterproof and fire retardant (CL2-UNI EN 13773).
  • Extension and retraction of roof cover is provided through a remotely controlled motor.
  • Tension is provided by a T10 polyurethane timing belt system.
  • Most significant feature of this system is to be capapble of being comfortably used without retracting lighting or heating system due to overhead carrying profiles (canvas being retracted or extented does not affect assembly).
  • System is assembled without need for a bearing steel construction.
  • All profiles and accessories used are non-corrosive.
  • Motor used is under 5-year warranty coverage.

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