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PVC & Aluminum Joinery

PVC & Aluminum Joinery

PVC & Aluminum Joinery


We perform works for any type of project – from classic and romantic to strong and contemporary. We offer any kind of opening: windows with interior and exterior opening, swing-swing windows, two-leaf windows, etc.

Aluminium: rezistant and durable

In addition, aluminum guarantees you a carefree life, being one of the most durable and durable materials that does not require special maintenance, we place emphasis on the superior quality of its systems, providing a 10 year warranty for window elements.

Confort, design and safe

All systems are available with different levels of insulation and safety. The combination of the thickness and strength of the profiles allows the design of very large windows with maximum light incidence. As aluminum systems can be easily curved, the designer has an almost unlimited design freedom.

Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of colors and finishes: matte, glossy, metallic or coatex paint resistant to scratches and minimal care. Color choice is available for both the interior and exterior of the profile.


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