Retractable aluminum roof

Aluminium Roof Sliding System



The system perform folding and sliding movement that no sliding roof system can achieve all over the world.

36 cm width panels on the system perform folding action by turnin around their own axis. Following the completion of the folding action, the panels can slide to back and thus an open roof space is obtained.

Each panel moves by wheels.

The thickness of aluminium on the system is 2 mm for panels, 4 mm for carriers and 5 mm for the top rail.

It works at a roof slope of 5%.

One motor is used for each 50 m2 area (50 m2/l motor).

For spaces up to 8 m long, the system can be implemented as a single unit.

Application can be made in any color desired.

System is driven by 2 different motors (120 Nm – 425W si 300 Nm – 880W)

It works on the basis of water drainage logic and is guaranteed for water tightness.

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